📈Why Will $GOS Token Rise?

We considered several strategies so that the price of the $GOS token could rise steadily.

Game of Survive is a Play to Earn concept survival game. Players earn $BUSD when they enter the game and complete daily quests. When withdrawing the $BUSD they earn to their crypto wallets, they are required to pay the specified amount of commission. The paid commission is automatically purchased by the system in $GOS Token. This process happens every day. $GOS tokens are purchased directly with commissions accumulated in the pool on a daily basis.

As the number of players increases, the transaction volume increases. Commission income increases. In this way, $GOS token can start to rise faster.

Marketing Strategy

We have two different marketing strategies. First of all, it is intended to reach users directly and download our game. As our player count increases, our monthly subscription sales and daily commission income will increase. We will be making $GOS token BuyBack on a daily and monthly basis with a very large part of our revenues accumulated in the pool.

In our second marketing strategy, we will continue to directly advertise our cryptocurrency on all major sites and purchase trending services. $GOS token will be a project that is known and talked about by everyone. We are working for this.

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