What is $GOS Token?

Game of Survive is a blockchain-based multiplayer survival game. Game of Survive created a system that does not exist on earth. This system is called: "Survive to Earn." Players earn $BUSD as they survive the game and complete missions. Players have to pay commission when sending their earned $BUSD to their wallet. In this transaction made by each player, $GOS tokens are purchased from the market daily with the commissions accumulated in the pool.


GOS Token was developed on the Binance Smart Chain network. At the same time, developments continue within the ERC-20 network. $GOS Token will be supported by multiple networks at the same time. $GOS token is fully integrated with Game of Survive. While playing the game, you can sometimes see $GOS token opportunities in some places on the map and do your quest and earn directly in $GOS Token.

Monthly Subscription

In order to play Game of Survive, users must keep a set amount of $GOS Tokens in their wallet every month. Users who do not have the specified amount of $GOS Tokens will not be able to log in to the game.

Game of Survive X GOS Token

In-game if your character becomes infected, you must produce an antidote using the $GOS Token. You will only have 5 minutes to do this. If your character is infected and dies, you will be reborn in the game.

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