$GOS Token Presale

The $GOS token pre-sale continues. After this investment round, which will take place in 3 stages, we will be listed on the MEXC exchange. We are aiming for increases in price with the full release of the game.

Seed Sale

Private Sale

Public Sale


We are giving away an indicator that they can use on TradingView to all our investors participating in the Seed Sale! Thanks to this algorithm, they will be able to trade on charts in 5-minute periods. This indicator works best on Ethereum and BNB with a success rate of 83%. You need this indicator to be able to trade and earn like a trader in short periods. You can use this indicator for life. To use it, you just need a TradingView account. You don't need to be premium. To access this algorithm, you must participate in the $GOS Token Seed Sale for $100 or more. If You Have Purchased $GOS Tokens Worth At least $100, Fill Out The Form Now: Form

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